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This is default featured slide 1 title

You can completely customize the featured slides from the theme theme options page. You can also easily hide the slider from certain part of your site like: categories, tags, archives etc. More ?

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This is default featured slide 2 title

You can completely customize the featured slides from the theme theme options page. You can also easily hide the slider from certain part of your site like: categories, tags, archives etc. More ?

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This is default featured slide 3 title

You can completely customize the featured slides from the theme theme options page. You can also easily hide the slider from certain part of your site like: categories, tags, archives etc. More ?

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You can completely customize the featured slides from the theme theme options page. You can also easily hide the slider from certain part of your site like: categories, tags, archives etc. More ?

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This is default featured slide 5 title

You can completely customize the featured slides from the theme theme options page. You can also easily hide the slider from certain part of your site like: categories, tags, archives etc. More ?



Flat design is quite popular in the past few years. It can be seen in web design, App development, or PPT. The flat style is mainly combined with simplified typesetting, bright color, visual affinity and intuition. Now iOS, Android or Windows 10 are all similar flat design effects. It looks very comfortable and clean, so many websites will adopt this style.


If you want to use a flat style in the UI design, the color can find Google or Microsoft’s usual color matching from “Material UI”, and it can also match the illustrations that look pleasing and pleasing, making the design look very qualitative!

The “unDraw” recommended in this article is a great flat design library, 006The design is very quality, the original author Katerina Limpitsouni continues to update, anyone can find beautiful illustrations from here, free download SVG or PNG format, without marking the source, can be used for commercial use.

It is worth mentioning that unDraw can directly adjust the main colors of illustrations online. This way will be more closely integrated with your UI design and complement each other.At present, many patterns are included, and they are also very detailed.

Site name: * 010
Web link:


Use teaching



Open the Illustrations page of unDraw website (or select Browse Now on the front page), you can see all illustrations and illustrations currently included. UnDraw does not provide RSS with subscription updates, but if you want to receive updates at any time, you can only focus on the Twitter of the designer (seemingly no other way).



I think the most useful part of unDraw is that all illustrations can adjust colors online quickly.Sometimes the pattern we find from the gallery is pretty good, but it can’t be integrated with the existing style (it seems to be particularly abrupt). In unDraw, the switch color function can be found directly from the top right corner, and a few good color options are provided by presupposition.

Try switching colors, and the unDraw illustration shows a totally different feeling.



Click on the illustrations you like. There will be the title and related keywords of the pattern. Perhaps it is not far from your understanding. Click 033.“You can download the SVG vector file immediately. For websites, blogs or self media, press “Download PNG for blog posts/social media“You can download the general picture file format.

UnDraw illustrations can be used for personal or commercial purposes, without indicating the provenance and modifying them.

Recommended reasons:

  1. * * 041
  2. The MIT License can be used freely for personal or commercial purposes.
  3. Adjust the main color of the pattern online, so that the picture can integrate the existing design style.

Three basic specifications for Icons Design

The specification of icon design covers the expression of colors, symbols, lines and so on. When the entire design system is not so clear to establish an icon library, we should choose a more conservative approach to remove the set of icon specifications that the design system will affect.

The specification will cover the basic composition of the Icon Icon: canvas size, line and visual weight.


Visual weight

The same high and wide images have different visual weight because of the shape, such as the diameter 14px circle and the 14px wide square in the visual look not the same size.

In Sketch, the size of objects is often judged by height and width, and the negative space formed by different shapes is not visually different.

Looking at the above picture, you can see that the square is visually maximum, while the circle and the triangle are smaller; therefore, it seems as large as possible to maintain each icon on the visual weight.



Of course, there are some exceptions, such as the direction (left and right, up and down) for the drop – down menu or the last page, which are maintained at the “visual” center when drawing these icon icons.



The size and drawing space of the canvas


The size of the canvas for making the icon icon is 14px * 14px. The drawing space will vary with composition, based on square composition.

Square composition
Because the square is the largest figure in vision, the square composition will reserve 1px space on the canvas of 14px* 14px.

Circular composition
The circular composition will exceed the space reserved for 1px, in order to make the visual weight equal to the square composition.


Line use

The use of lines can be divided into three elements:


1px line elements (main composition)
The main composition will form the main shape of the icon icon. The main part of the icon icon is painted with 1px thick round head line, and the rounded corners are 1px.


0.8px line elements (for details)
Besides the main shape, the details inside the icon, the rounded corners of the 0.8px line are Sketch line rounded corners.


1.4px elements (usually used for origin, square)
For special cases, when icon details are round, they will be used.


At present, only the most basic composition of the icon, of course, the use of lines will also be influenced by the style of the design system, which will continue to be revised in the future.

The techniques of designing and screening icon icons

The design of icons is becoming more and more important since the flattening and the design of the minimalist design is becoming more and more important. Often there are designers asking, what is the design of this icon in the software program?

In addition, web designers will ask, “we have VIP members on this platform. How do we design the icons of VIP members?

There is also a App Design. How do I design the group icons in this chat?

The design of icons is one of the most difficult tasks for ui/ux designers.


What is the intention of the icon

We use icons to use it to communicate meaningful things on the user’s interface; and this meaningful thing may be your object, idea, action, and then the designer visualizations the meaningful things.

The advantages of icons

1. it is a common language in the world. It won’t be influenced by your culture and language. For example, everyone knows the phone right. There are many types of mobile phones. But if you look at this icon, do you understand this icon of the phone right away?

Icon design 10

Mobile Icon


2., you can quickly identify the user, especially when you are moving fast, you can easily find the functions and things you want immediately.

Icon design 6

The image of mobile phone in mobile will be like this, which is easier to identify when moving than text.


3. increase the beauty of the design.

4. save space, especially for minimalism or flat design.

The 5. icon is a very good click target.

There are so many advantages, but this advantage has a premise that your icons are designed very well and can let users see what you want to express right away. If not, you will make the user confused, causing the user to finish a task or something, the user will do it. A failed operation or a wrong click.

For example:

Look at the Gmail, the red ring.

Icon design 1

Icons in the Gmail letter

Can you just look at the icon to see what this means?


A designer usually made a mistake

Having said so much, many designers have made mistakes, causing users to complain most and cause users’ troubles.

1. often inventing the icon causes the user not to know the icon very well, which causes the user to click frequently.

2. often complain that once a revision is made, no one knows where the function has gone.

3. icons drawing too detail, too creative to make the user mixed with the content, saying that the white point is the style of the icon robbing the content, let the user notice the point on the icon is not the content, and then in the small size, the details of the icons are not necessary; the user is not very clear.

4. using some common icons but not considering the problem of multiple platforms, in fact, it is also a trash can. IOS and Android are very different.

5. use the meaning is not very clear thing to use icons to express, and they are too creative to lead to the user’s cognitive difficulties, such as the special icons inside app to draw, the result is often themselves in the cool, without considering whether the user can grasp.

6. save space for saving space and do not consider users’ learning cost for learning new icons.


Five principles for the design and selection of icons

So you should do it like this:

Can you judge the meaning of your icon in five seconds?

If not, please redesign.

Two. Select icons with high generality

For example, below, you can see what it means.

Icon design 7

If you define these icons yourself, IOS is similar to Android, but there is a distinct style difference. Some icons are very different. To find the icons suitable for the design of the platform, to optimize the IOS and Android platforms rather than to design a common platform for the entire platform.

For example:

Icon design 3

The two very large icons are shared, with Android on top and IOS below.

Three. Keep consistency

The common icon selection is a little more careful. If the icons you choose are often more than two meanings in general, you should be very careful about the use of the icons. This way is to maintain consistency. For example, the love representative joins my favorite, and the whole platform’s love is my favorite.

Several highly versatile but many meaningful icons are shown below.

Icon design 5

Four. Description of abstract icons in text

If space is allowed, you must use a text description; suppose you want to design an icon today, this icon is very special, such as groups, VIP, weather, happiness… .etc; the abstract icon you design is best illustrated with text.

If space is not allowed, then you should not use icons instead of icons instead of icons.

Icon Design 8

The space is really not enough to use the label

There are also abstract types of icons that must be found in the real world, and try not to be completely unrelated; otherwise, your icons are hard to understand or remember the meaning of the icon, even if it is written in words.

Because the abstract label is very complex, you can use many words to express its meaning, but often the user does not know the meaning of this icon.

For example:

Icon design 9

Icons plus labels

Five. Clear feature appearance

You shouldn’t spend too much time on details when you design icons; you shouldn’t spend too much time on details, because it’s hard to see the details of too small icons, and you should spend more time asking yourself where the meaning of this type of icons is.

Therefore, there should be real physical features or visual effects on the appearance.

For example, the following icon is used to test the speed of mobile phone.

Icon design 2

Test network speed

Classic Abstract icons: setting.

Icon design 4

Set of icons

I think you have seen that most of the icons set up are gears, so why?

Traditionally, the adjustment of the mechanical operation is to make use of the position / type / size of the gear. Etc, how does it run? Is it necessary to adjust gears?

Therefore, the use of gear setting is a metaphor. If you want to change the way you work, you need to change the internal operation of the system, which is usually a gear icon.

How do I export a more clean SVG graphic icon in AI?

When we do some icons to be prepared to export to SVG files, we have to outline the outline, but the hasty outline of the outline often produces extra anchorage, and 25 schools move some ways from other places, perhaps to help you export more “clean” SVG graphics.

What is “not too clean” SVG graphics?

Ai-SVG-11 Ai-SVG-12

“Not very clean” SVG graphics.


The two icons were designed at the beginning of the design with 2 pixel strokes, and many redundant anchors were created after the outline of the outline and the combination of the shape.

If you simplify the object path simplification tool with AI, it will change the original shape of the icon.


Using AI’s simplified tool will change the original shape. (the top yellow is the effect after using the simplified tool).


Here are two tips to help designers export “clean” SVG icons.

Skill 1: straighten out the graphics

If our icon adjusts the angle of the shape in the process of creation, please correct the shape before the outline is drawn, and then restore it after the outline is drawn. As follows:


Please note that most of the cases have to be manually set the original point to rotate, and can not use the AI default center point, because the center will change with the rotation of the shape, leading to no return to the original position.


Technique two: reduce the path of overlap

Icons are usually produced by Boolean operations between the various basic shapes. Before contour tracing, please pay attention to reducing the overlapping path, as follows:


Check if there are too many overlapping paths for your icons

What we need to do is choose to delete these overlapping parts and outline the strokes.

Because of the overlapping curve paths, especially the curve paths, there are many unnecessary anchor points without deleting the directly contoured strokes.

If you design the end point of the path is the round head or the square end point, you should also handle the intersection between the anchor point and the path.


Round head endpoint



If we use the adsorption effect of AI, it is easy to have several unnecessary anchors with the anchorage of the anchor point and the path directly in one block, so we have to deal with it again.

The first method is to lower the keyboard increments (about 0.5 PX) and manually move each anchor point away from a keyboard increment.


Using keyboard increment to solve the path that is suitable for horizontal, vertical or 45 degree rotation.

The second method is to draw the anchor point of the end point to a point (the end point can use the “delete anchorage tool”, and the end point of the square head can only drag the anchor point directly).


Delete some of the more prominent anchor points that are suitable for the ends of round ends.

It can be seen that the purpose of doing so is to reduce overlapping paths so that one contour can not be affected by other small paths.


Clear contrast before and after cleaning


It is not difficult to export a cleaner SVG icon, but it is more tedious and boring. In fact, if the usual use of the APP design, web, BANNER and the like, even if the anchor point has a little deviation, because the pattern is too small, can not see the fine deviation. But if you want to make the work more regular and standardized, you must deal with every detail.

250+ Icons icons are free to download in a variety of formats

This is a set of charges from the ui8 icon, 25 schools find free to provide you with learning reference, do not be used for commercial purposes.

This set of icons has 12 categories, more than 250 icons, and is suitable for websites, app and various interface designs. It has been optimized in different sizes. This set of icons is available in vector format, PNG format, sketch format, and easy to edit.
Icons Pro.1 Icons Pro.2 Icons Pro.3 Icons Pro.4

Baidu SkyDrive: password: 8kjp

Let your mouth watering food APP Icon icon UI design appreciation

As we all know, good UI design can promote conversion rate and turnover rate. Especially some delicious food or food APP icon icon design.

Recently, I learned the design of the icon icon on my website abroad, and I saw the vivid images of these foods.

Let’s take a look first.

Let your mouth watering APP-Icon icon UI enjoy food.

Let your mouth watering APP-Icon icon UI enjoy 2Food-icons Icons_recipes

Gourmet APP-Icon icon UI appreciation 2

The design of a highly creative 100 – point gourmet icons.


In general, the most basic function of an icon is to convey information quickly. Good APP Logo Icon Design, can more accurately convey information to the user, so as to get the user’s first favor.


Original designer image IP entrepreneurship – 780 linear expression package material downloading

According to the recent news reports of the major science and technology media, the twelve culture obtained 43 million yuan A+ round financing, the real fund led investment.


To see such a message, the school feels that it has given the designer a strong entrepreneurial direction, that is, to develop its own original image IP. Some of the original IP image contains exploring commercial realization channels, such as authorized cooperation, peripheral products sale, doll machine line shop etc..

These are the opportunities for our designers to change.

About the design of WeChat expression bag, 25 schools shared the other way of expression: self expression, humor, cute facial expression package design and a group of super cute mobile APP expression package design — moving orange girl.


Today, we share a set of free linear expression packages. A total of 780 original vector expression packages.

App Icon

A total of 780 emoticons. 2 sets of facial expression icons for the naked face and the yellow face.


These 780 emoticons are worth downloading and learning, and we find out if they are interested in the design of the expression package. Because the original image of IP is another direction for future designers.

780 facial expression icon material website download address:

Chasing network address:– 780-Free-Vector-Emoji




332 illustrative styles of urban representative architectural icon design appreciation

If you are trying to design a APP that introduces the world’s famous cities, the architectural icons that represent the city are your essentials.

A building icon can represent a city, so the reduced version of the illustration style building with the representative color of the city can express the attractiveness of the city accurately.

Foreign UI design God, to share with us 332 illustrative style of urban representative architectural icons. It’s very amazing.

The city architectural illustration style thumbnail The city building 2 thumbnail illustration style The city building 3 thumbnail illustration style


Every illustration style building icon under the name of the name of the city, I do not know if you can know what? Is the urban building icon in China reasonable and accurate?

Of course, as a UI designer who works hard to learn, these 332 illustrative urban representative architectural icons are good copy cases.

332 illustrative urban architectural icons with an appreciation address:

100 color app illustration style icons downloaded (including PSD and AI)

We have no intention of seeing a group of very beautiful and fashionable color icons between the famous overseas icon trading website Color use is very bright, there is still vitality.

Such a set of APP – style icon materials from the site, including PSD and AI source files, is downloaded.


1, 100 Free Cosmo Color icons


Address from the chase:


See all 100 color app illustration style icons as follows:



If your APP is in need of this fashionable and lively color icon, you can download and use it.

Baidu SkyDrive download address:

Size: 644k containing PSD and AI source file, very suitable for beginners to learn to use the APP design.



Tencent video TVD design big God, teach you app icon design four steps

First of all, Mr. Chun is very grateful to the Tencent video TVD design team’s design of dry goods sharing, which can be used in a large company and large team cooperation under the output of a set of icon design methods. Also from high school some complete standardization of the APP icon design method.

At least let’s get to the small company APP designers to know how a large company’s design team is going to extract a high quality APP icon.

The following is the Tencent video TVD design team, which teaches us the app icon design four steps. It’s worth reading slowly.


Icons design four step method 1 Icons design four step method 2 Icons design four step method 3

The above is a very systematic, and very standardized design process of icons and the complete icon design of the four steps.

Let each designer know how to design the icons of your own app product and the app product logo. This is also the most practical idea of the design of icons.




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